Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Counter Tops

Counter tops begin life with a template. We use a Digital system to generate a fast and very accurate template of projects. This allows us to generate a price for the project and generate a precise layout for the material. We are able to use the slab or slabs you select, with this template, to create a high definition image of your project. This allows you to approve the placement of seams, location of all appliance and sinks and see how the slabs will be used with regard to veining and movement of the stone. This Dynamic Digital Imaging System is one of very few in the world and it makes for a fun and creative session that we can work together on to ensure your project contains no surprises. What you see on the screen will be exactly what is installed. Most importantly this happens BEFORE we cut your stone. Want to see what a different stone looks like in your Kitchen? We can do that.
Our shop incorporates some of the most advanced CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) cutting and milling technology in the world. This translates into a fast turn around, astonishing accuracy, and a competitive price. It also puts very few limits on the scope of your project. We do not charge extra for elaborate edges, radius', or for that matter sinks shaped like a martini glass. Effectively a robot does the difficult and formerly time consuming work. Jobs that would take us weeks to complete now take a matter of hours and the quality cannot be matched by human hands.

We consider client involvement to be critical in creating a perfect project and you are invited to be present during every phase of your creation.

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  1. Great and simple post you shared. It has such a mythology about it, but it really is just making a common sense! Thanks for pointing that in your post.