Thursday, September 30, 2010

Returning To Our Roots

 The Economic climate has effected everyone in construction in the past few years. The silver lining for us is we were forced to evaluate everything about our company. In our examination we came to some personal "Truths" and the most fundamental of those was that we were happiest doing what we had always done: Working with our hands.

  During the "Boom" we grew rapidly and became Managers, Salespeople, and Advisers to our installation crews. We were installers no more.  That changed us forever as a company and as a Family. As our market contracted the stress and scrambling almost ruined our love of this trade.

 We decided to go back to what we once loved so much...The installation, fabrication and creation of Tile and Stone projects.  I will keep this blog current as we transition back into a new and exiting reality.

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